Friday, 8 February 2013

Term 2 Review 2. Love Stargirl

Love Stargirl by Jerry Spaniel
Reviewed by Ali 
Review on Danika Vincent aka Books to Dream.

 I think Danika did an amazing job in her review, I found that her and me had really similar ideas on the book, however I did find some things that I found that I didn’t like or agree with. I think that Danika did a ok job on the summarization but I do wish that she didn’t mention Perry as much because personally I think there were other characters that were more key then her new crush, don’t get me wrong I still think that he is a major part of the story but I think the character Dootsie had way more of an influence on Stargirl. I really wish that Danika mentioned Dootsie at least once because she is one of my most favorite characters in the whole book. I think that she did a really good job at mentioning her neighbor who she connects with, I do think that she should have mentioned that she is agoraphobic because I think that this changes the story and bring out the star in Stargirl. I think that Stargirl was described really well because we already kind of know what she looks like, but we don’t know how she has changed, what she is thinking of Leo, and her new love affair. I think that it is really good that she mentioned how she became more like an average teenager but I think that this was just an important growing part for Stargirl where as Danika put it as something she didn’t like. I think in terms of setting there is not much to be said other then that Stargirl lives in Pennsylvania, which Danika did mention. I don’t think you can say anything else because she is talking to Leo but doesn’t want him to know where she is. I think that Danika’s theme rediscovering herself and realizing she never had to change who she was really good and I do agree with her. Really good job Danika aka Books to Dream!!!
            Love Stargirl was a really good book and I think I liked it better then Stargirl because there is less love in it and more silly and happy times even though her happy wagon begins to empty. I really like the format of the book as “the worlds longest letter” because in my personal opinion I like to read journals, letters, or thoughts of the character. I didn’t like how sometimes she would try to cover her own personality, but I do think that it added a different element to the story that made it more attention grabbing. I think I liked this book more then the first one because I think it is more interesting to hear things from Stargirl’s perspective, because in general I think she is a more interesting character. I think I would recommend this book to people age 9-14 because this book is sillier because of some of the characters and I think it can be more enjoyed by a wider range of ages. Again I think that this is a simple and quick read, nothing to heavy. All in all I really liked Love Stargirl.

I’d like to thank Danika for letting me review her review, please check out her blog on blogger Books to Dream!!!! Hope you liked this review!
-Ali J

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