Friday, 8 February 2013

Term 2 review #1. Stargirl

By Jerry Spaniel
Review by Ali
Review on Julia, Books as Wings 

            Stargirl reviewed by Julia Caddy AKA “Books as wings”, did an amazing job. But I do wish that she explained what SHE saw in the characters or at least mention “This is also how I saw the characters”. I think that Julia did a really good job at characterization because she mentions that both the main characters are dynamic. But I think she could have said more about Leo because he is one of the main characters. Julia did a great job finding her own theme for the book, “The value and definition of acceptance and popularity.” I do agree with this but I think she may have latched on to this concept too much in her review (not including her explanation of the theme), I think this does seem like an easy theme to discover and yes it does seem to fit, but in my opinion but I think that the theme has more to do with love because in the story Leo does actually fall for Stargirl but out of fear asked her to change. Stargirl was basically happy with herself for the most part. I think that a cross between my theory and Julia’s, we could reach an ultimate theme. In Julia’s review she explained how she thought that Jerry’s (the author) writing style was simplistic, I do agree with her because I think that because of the age of the main characters it is recognizable that they will not be writing something a professional authors writing style would be like, but if you are going on this idea it is completely possible that they could be the most eloquent writers in the world.  I do wish that Julia more clearly mentioned if she liked or disliked this aspect of the book. Overall I think that Julia did do a really good job on her review of Stargirl. Good job Julia/Books as Wings!
            Stargirl was a great novel about love, popularity, and personal values. In Mica High Arizona the new student, Stargirl, has made quite an impression on Leo, between her old fashioned dresses, ukulele serenades, and little rat friend who travels with her in her sunflower messenger bag. I think that Stargirl is a happy, comfortable, and worry free kind of girl. But that all changes when her new crush and later boyfriend Leo worries about how they as a couple are being accepted since Stargirl’s last “performance”; in Leo’s eyes the only way to fix it is to change Stargirl. What other choice is there? In the desserts of Arizona will the quite, and shy Leo learn to accept Stargirl for who she is? Because of this main element of the book I think that the theme has to do with accepting the people who you love, and that you have to be more open to a different kind of person, to Star People if you will.  I think that the first theme is important because half of the story is about Leo wanting Stargirl to change, I don’t think that this was right of Leo. I think that he needed to just be happy with Stargirl because if he really loved her he wouldn’t worry as much as he did about how other people think about her. I think that my other theme also really plays a big part in the book because at first everyone didn’t know what to think of her, and just when they started to warm up to her they shunned her all of a sudden. Why would people do this? (it tells you in the book but I don’t want to spoil it for you) To me it made Stargirl seem like such a different person, a star person! “Star people are rare. You’ll be to meet another.” Page 177 of Stargirl.  I think this quote is really important to my theme because I keep referring to her as a star person, I think that this is really is important because she doesn’t seem like the every day teenage girl. I think that both of the characters are very dramatic, they are both constantly changing on their own even without the others help. Overall Stargirl was a good novel for people 9-14 because I don’t think that older people would really be into this book but it also depends on the person, I’m glad it was a quick read because I’m not sure I could really get into it for a really long time. Overall a good quick read for anyone, a very cute but not a real feel good book. I didn’t really like the fact that Stargirl changes, but I guess that’s kind of the whole point of the book and I think if a book can make me unlike a character in a matter of sentences then it is a good book.

Thank you to Julia for letting me review your review make sure you guys go and check out her blog! Hope you guys liked this review, Keep on reading!!!

-Ali J


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  2. Great job on creating engaging and informative book reviews! This book review really expressed their opinions on the book and your contrasting ideas with Julia. I was wondering what evidence from the book made you to think that the theme was accepting the people who you love, and that you have to be more open to a different kind of person or value and definition of acceptance and popularity. I also did a review based on Julia's review of Stargirl and viewed the theme to be the value and definition of acceptance and popularity because of of what Leo's friend, Archie, said to him. Archie said that he can either have the crowds affection, or Stargirls affection. But what really gave away the theme for me, was when Leo's had trouble deciding. But good job the review and I really enjoyed it!

  3. Ali,
    I really loved you book review! I think that you did a great job of explain your ideas and I completely agree with your new theme. I think that you really dug deep in a lot of literary elements, such as characterization, and it made your book review so great. I also really loved your choice of words. You mentioned that if this book was longer you would not of enjoyed it as much. I agree with this, I would say that the reason why is because the book moves pretty slow and their are not a lot elements to the story, why do you thing that the book would not be good if it was longer? Also you say that you hate that Stargirl changes in the end of the book. So how would you have liked it to end? Overall I really loved your book review!