Wednesday, 15 May 2013

House Of The Scorpion: Narrative structure.

               The narrative structure of the book was not the best in my opinion. I felt that Farmer spent to much time on the miniature climaxes and background information. I think that the ending was really just a totally different book. I really didn't like the ending because it ended where the main rising action would have come into play. I really feel like Farmer just made it easier for her to pick up with a sequel almost 5 years later!!! I think that the mini climaxes were important to the story because it led to the climax in this story but some of them were really just filler, But the falling action was WAY to fast!!! Especially considering how long it to the story to really get started. Because of all of these things the climax was almost confusing to pick out I think that the climax was ***Spoilers Alert*** when Matt is escaping but it also could have been when he is in the plankton farm, this is why its confusing!!! Before I mentioned that the mini climaxes tied into the end of the book, I know that this is not the most creative writing technique but I think that the way that Farmer tied everything in it really worked. Even knowing that those helped the real climax I think that still there was to much time spent on them! What I keep referring to is the ending! Because I cant get over how unsatisfying the ending was!!! The time used to build up to the climax could have been used to slow down the falling action.

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