Wednesday, 15 May 2013

House Of The Scorpion: Real World Connections.

I think that the biggest real world connection that I made was immigration. In the story of T.H.O.T.S opium is basically border protection for USA and Mexico. This is obviously like the border controls that we have today but not as brutal as the one in the story. I think that this is the one real connection really stood out to me because I know a lot of people who immigrated to Canada from other continents let alone countries. I think that it was really interesting how Farmer chose to portray the farm patrol. I think that in the real world if we did that there would be major conflicts from other nations that see the problems with drugs and with brutality there would be major strikes.
            Another real world connection that I can pick out is the dictatorship just like some in our current world. I can connect this to North Korea because it is still connected to the other part of the country but it is a whole other social structure. It can also be connected to Osama because he controlled his people to do whatever he wanted. Between these two leaders they remind me of El-Patron. I don’t know what kind of world they are living in because both of the leaders that I mentioned are targeted by the USA to shut them down.  But in this world people were not completely against it. In the recent run for president the topic of illegal immigration; One suggestion was basically a fence. I think that if people kept think like that Opium could possibly exist. If there was such a big drug market (there could be) then I would think that people would shut it down. I think that the Opium drug market would be under the table just like the current drug market, we don’t really know about it because it is under the table. And finally the one more connection I made was discrimination. Matt was looked down on because he was a clone. Just like how people are racist or judge other peoples looks, gender, personality, and social status.   

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