Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The House Of The Scorpion: Setting

           Nancy Farmer has done an amazing job at painting a picture just by using her words. The whole time that I have been reading the book I am able to envision the world that the characters in the book are living in clearly.  I think that describing setting is sort of difficult as a writer but farmer has done a brilliant job. The story takes place in a land called Opium, which is not to far from us in North America. Opium is a small strip of land between the United States and Aztlan, or as we know it Mexico. Opium though not to far geographically, but it may as well be when it comes to social structure. There are clones used for things that we already do in the modern world without them, and all dirty work is done by eejits. (An eejit is a person who has a computer chip in their brain they are programmed to do what ever is commanded and do not have any feelings) Anyone coming or leaving Opium is caught by the farm and turned into an eejit. I think that my favourite setting of the book would have to be the little house because it was the setting that was most clear to me, as in I could imagine it really clearly.
                 "On one side was her large, saggy bed covered with crocheted pillows and stuffed animals"I like this small passage because I somehow can really see this. I think that she made this setting really clear because she referenced it a lot throughout the entire story. I don’t think that this was really necessary just because I think that she spent time describing this that could have been used to give a satisfying ending!!! The book was set in the future, I can tell because they referred to things that maybe we don’t have like; hover crafts, eejits, cloning, and some of the small things that they were referring to such a ladruim  

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