Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The House Of The Scorpion: Theme

              The theme that I picked out for this book is, "You cant change your past, but you can change the future." I think that this theme really works because Matt decided to do all of those things in his past, even though he didn't necessarily want things to go the way that it did. Matt made all of his choices himself just for a glimpse of the outside world. Unfortunately this did not work out as well as you would think. The one major thing that effected Matt's past is when Rosa keeps him in the little jail. This was the most life-changing event because he went from almost never going outdoor to a totally different environment. Matt took the opportunity to change everything in his life. He went from one of the most disrespected people in all of Opium to the basic ruler. I think that Matt is not the only who changed their future. Celia saved Matt, Tam Lin did what he believed to be right, Donald stayed alive, and Maria decided to find her mom. I think that the future is what’s most important because we can change it and enjoy it more then negative events in the past.
            Another small overall theme that you can pick out from the book is “Evil is in the eye of the beholder because not everyone could see what was wrong with Tom. Matt was one of the few people who really saw how awful Tom really was because some people just couldn’t see it. This is also like El-Patorn because some people thought that he was the best person they had ever met. 

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