Sunday, 27 October 2013

Global Issue Novel Study

The winds of change are blowing on my blog... In school we are starting a global issue novel study! This is the first post about my book, Little Princes, One Man's Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal. - The issue in my novel is the decade long civil war that took place in Nepal from 1996-2006. The Maoist rebels were abducting the children of the villages and forcing them to become part of the Maoist army to fight against the government. Child traffickers took advantage of the parental concerns and promised to take their children to Kathmandu Valley which was on of the few areas that remained our of Maoist control. The traffickers then took a fee from the parents and abandoned the children in the valley making thousands of children orphans The reason that I chose this book is because I am strongly against abuse of humans but often don't know what I can do, this book is about a mans journey to Nepal to volunteer at an orphanage but ends up helping the cause greatly. I was hoping to get some sort of inspiration from the author and main character Conor Grennan. I didn't know a lot about the specific issue in Nepal but I do know that many children can't go to school, or other kids who are forced into child labour or forced to become child soldiers. I'm not to sure what the ending of the book will be like because already in my 20% his initial 3 volunteer months are up... so I want to know what he plans to do. I also want to know where the orphans in the orphanage came from. I really want more information on what will happen to the children of the orphanage and if Conor can really save them. The main characters that have been introduced in my novel are: Conor Grennan (the main character) Sandra (the founder of the Little Princess Orphanage) and Farid (the character that helps take over the orphanage for Sandra) there have been other minor characters introduced like all 18 of the orphans, as well as some other volunteers who don't come into play at all so far. For those of you who have read the book... No Spoilers!!! If anyone has any suggestions on other books regarding global issues please let me know!

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