Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Litspiration Challenge 2013 #1

                                                           “Out of colored paper, cranes
                                                                    Come flying into
                                                                       Our house”
                                        Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes Page 39

At the age of 2 years Sadako Sasakis home in Hiroshima was hit by the atom bomb that was dropped in 1945. In 1955 due to the radiation Sadako was diagnosed with leukaemia and was given one year to live. While in the hospital Sadako's best friend comes up with a way for Sadako to get better...1000 paper cranes. Sadako meets other people on the way through her journey giving everyone the idea to also make cranes to get better. "You can make paper cranes like I do…so that a miracle can happen" page 44.

This book is truly inspiring, though it is classified as a book for young readers (7-9 year olds) I really believe that it should be read by everyone in the world. This book is definitely one of my favourites, it’s an easy read, but still a very emotional story for everyone especially myself. Sadako inspired me to make my very own 1000 cranes.
I decided to make my own 1000 paper cranes is because I wanted to finish 1000 cranes in honour of Sadako herself as well as her family whom had to deal with the challenges of loosing a beloved daughter, and sister. The poem recited in the book gives a new understanding of the families feelings "O fock of heavenly cranes,Cover my child with your wings" Page 51. The story is the person who completes 1000 cranes is granted a wish by the gods, but I decided to give my wish to my older brother. I gave my wish away because in the story of Sadako her brothers were always helping Sadako wether it was bring paper or hanging the cranes up for her, by giving my wish to my brother I am also showing my understanding of Sadako's brothers. Unfortunately I didn't have time to hang all of the cranes up (I'm at 300 done) But as soon as I do I'll upload some pictures. Sadako has inspired me to work for everything that I do and appreciate life while we still can.

This is a picture of my very own Kokeshi doll like the one that Sadako had on her bedside table in the story, next to it is a golden paper crane, the same type that had started Sadako's 1000.
"The bamboo class sent a kokeshi doll to cheer her up. Sadako liked the wooden doll’s wistful smile and red roses painted on its kimono. The doll stood next to the golden crane on Sadakos bedside table” Page 49. These two objects represent Sadakos hope and dream of recovery. The Kokeshi doll in the story represents the love and acknowledgement of Sadakos strength and to show her that the community loves her.

This is a better picture of the first golden crane like the one given to Sadako by her best friend Chizuko the same crane that helped Sadako feel sting inside.

This is all 1000 cranes together!! The whole process took me about a month and a half."…all sadako could do now was make paper cranes and hope for a miracle." Page 61 this passage shows Sadakos dedication to her own 1000 cranes to help her get better. I think that the cranes were definitely a symbol of hope. I think this because Sadako addresses the cranes as her only chance of survival and her only hope to get her through each day.

This is a close up of some cranes to show you the different kinds of patterns I had. I definitely had different papers then what Sadako had because I bought around 15 packages of origami paper where as Sadako used paper that was in her everyday life like a candy wrapper.

Hope that you really consider reading this book and I hope that you a inspired form my challenge and the book to do something amazing!

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