Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Consumerism and GINS mashup!!!

In humanities we are also doing a global issue novel study, my book is Little Princes. This book takes place mainly in Nepal about 7-9 years ago. The consumerist society is very different from the one that we have in Canada. One of the basic examples that I can give is that our wants are alot bigger than our needs whereas the people in Nepal have learned to live with what they have and what they want is most of the time what they need. Instead of you wanting the coolest video game, one of the children from the orphanage in the story may want something good to eat,  school supplies, clean clothing, or even a box to make their own entertainment. The more economic concepts that I thought of was health care, income assistance, and pension. Health care options are available, there are hospitals but they have a lot of people in them, they also do not always have the best doctors and surgeons. The government involvement with health control was complicated due to the war going on with the kingdom and rebels which caused many days of nationwide lock downs. In terms of pensions and assisted income you can’t just go to the government asking for money, this is because many of the people who live in nepal live in rural areas,  and do not have to pay high taxes, many of the people who live in the cities of nepal are also in poverty and cannot afford to pay taxes. there would not be enough people in nepal to pay for social programs. This is a good example of how consumerism take many different forms all over the world.

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  1. I thought that this was very interesting but I can't help but wonder about how our two consumerism societies can somehow still resemble but in the way you may think. People in Canada are so developed and we obviously all take many things for granted but what else are we supposed to do? Sure we can donate but we'll still all end up doing the same sort's of things we've been doing our whole life. The reason I think this is because on both sides of the Earth, we share completely different lives in which we both learn to accept all because we adapt to it and learn to know it as our regular lives. This is something that we literally cannot control. Although it is a sad fact, it is indeed true and we can still try our best to improve their lives with our advantages.