Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Charter of the World

In Humanities we collaborated with 3 other people who read other GINS books from different countries and created a charter of Rights and Freedoms that should apply to the world. Some 
rights were harder to agree on like "The right to use any drug you wish without question" or "the right to shoot anyone who trespassed on your property." In the end we didn't include either of these rights. We didn't include the rights about drugs because some of us felt that this would end in conflict because people under the influence of drugs could severely damage communities. We also agreed against the gun law because we found it to be very American and not every one was considering the rights of other countries like India's squatting rights, in the end we agreed on the right to own property but not the right to shoot someone on your property for trespassing. The only situation where this could be remotely legal is under the right to self defence. We decided to include a sub section of the charter entitled Children's rights because that is what my book focused on the rights of children and the constitution of Nepal has this section in it and I think that it is really beneficial to all people. We also included Education rights because several of us had books that had an aspect of education being taken away from children so we all decided that it would be a good thing for all children in the world to have the right to education. The one problem with the Nepal constitution is that not many people were aware of the rights so we made a right but would like it to be a law that all citizens should be educated on their rights so they can use them instead of the government making empty promises to the citizens.
Below is our charter of the world! feel free to ask questions and feel free to add something to the charter.
Charter of the world!

Equality rights:

-The right to know what your rights are and enforce them.
-The right to all levels of education
-The right to be equal no matter the race, religion, gender, age and disability
-You have the right to not be discriminated against because of gender, sexual orientation, age, race, religion, cast,  or mental and physical disabilities
- Every and anyone can own or use land, either alone or with others
-You have the right to keep you life private from other people if you wish

Mobility rights:
-People have the rights to move in, out and within the country
-The right to move freely around the country without the worry of others
-The right to obtain work anywhere, and be awarded equal pay.

Fundamental rights:
-You have the freedom of freedom
-You have the freedom to organize peaceful gatherings
-You have the freedom to stand up against the government if they take away anyone of your rights
- Freedom of association
- Freedom of religion
- Freedom of expression
-Freedom of speech
-Right against exploitation
-Right against human trafficking, slavery, or serfdom
-Right against forced labour
-Right to self defense

Legal rights:
-You have the right to a fair-trial, in which you are innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the court
-You have the right to search and seizure
-You have the right to self-defense
-You have the right to defend your property from trespassers or any threats
-You have the right against arbitrary arrest, detention or exile
-The right to an attorney

Democratic Rights:
-You have the right to vote
-The right to participate in the government
-You have the right to choose what party you support

Education Rights:
-The right to education of all levels
-The right to the materials needed to achieve a proper education

Childrens Rights:
-The right to their own identity
-Right to be nurtured, basic health and social security
-Right against mental, physical or any other form of exploitation
-Orphans have the right to special privileges by the state
-No minor shall be forced into child labour without parental consent
-You have the right to report child abuse

Language rights:
-The right to speak any language you choose and to be educated in that language.
-Right to an interpreter in any public building that is needed
- \You have the right to speak the language of your heritage

Religion rights
-You have to right to choose any religion you wish
-If your religion goes against any other rights in the constitution you have the rights to speak out against it.

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