Wednesday, 19 February 2014

GINS free write.

In this assignment we were given 20 or so minutes to write about empathy and our character. We were asked to do it in first person. I tried to give a bit of a taste of the story but didn't get to the really powerful parts. (sorry if it is not very good I didn't get a lot of time to think about what I was writing.

Here is my free write on Little Princes:

I used to consider myself extremely caring, or I wanted to. When I told my friends of my big trip around the world just for fun they asked me “what about your children’s college fund? What about your retirement fund?” so to prove them wrong I signed up for a volunteering position (temporary of course) in a Nepal orphanage. When I went to Nepal I stayed with a family for 2 days where we ate nothing but dhal and rice.  After seeing how a regular Nepal village family lives I started to realize how lucky I was but still couldn’t wait to get out of Nepal and go on my trip around the world. A day or so later I went to the Little Princes orphanage where I was instantly greeted by 12 or so happy faces! Living with the children who I later learned were originally taken in from a child trafficker was so different from America. We bathed once a week, every Sunday when we went to temple. Many times the children could not attend school because of rebel restrictions; these could last days, weeks, and sometimes months. I decided that just because they couldn’t go to school I would start teaching them while the rest of the country was restricted from the streets. After about 1 month my time at the orphanage came to an end but I had grown so accustomed to my life in Nepal that I was sad to go, sad that I would not see the children, city, co workers, and the scenery. I went on my trip and back to America but I felt compelled to go back. By the time I went back the government conflict had escalated and I was urged by family to not go back, but I knew that the children needed me. One afternoon when I had gone back to Nepal I went to the person in charge of child safety looking for 1 of the children that had been taken away by his supposedly dead mother. While I was looking for him I came across 7-8 other children stuffed into unsafe and unsanitary dark room. They did NOT belong there, I decided to take them into Little Princes later, when we had space. But I knew that they needed my help. I went back a day or so but all the children were gone, I asked the mother and she told me that she sent them with a man for a better life, what she didn’t know was that this man was a child trafficker. I went on a hunt for the 7 children many of them I found working in fields, but there were a couple who had been taken into another organization. After talking with the two people who owned the other organization. I decided to create my own where I could educate, feed, shelter and help many other children in Nepal . 

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